Our first lambing season was a success!

We have four purebred Finnsheep lambs between Silvia & Tulip, three rams and one ewe. All four fathered by our Finnsheep ram Rupert. Jake was also successful in breeding our two Babydoll ewes, Luna and Stella, and we ended up with two all white lambs, one ram and one ewe.

Available for sale are three purebred Finnsheep rams, two black and one chocolate brown color, all with white spots on their faces, legs and tails. Also available are the two Babydoll ewes and their lambs, which are Finn/Babydoll crosses. Contact us for more information!



Silvia is just the sweetest, she will follow you around and wants all of the attention. She is white with a brown patch at the base of her neck, born 3/30/2016.


Rupert is our older Finnsheep Ram, and his coloring is called piebald. Rupert was born 3/4/2019 and will breed Silvia and Tulip this fall/winter. Our favorite trait of his: he wags his tail when you pet him!


Stella is an adorable babydoll with a brindle color wool, I can't wait to spin this coming year. She is an experienced mamma, but we don't know her birthday.


Tulip is our eldest ewe, also a FinnSheep like Silvia. She has a very unique voice so we always know when it is her. She will also be bred to Rupert this fall/winter. Born 2/8/2013.


Our little fawn bottle ram lamb. He was bottle fed by his previous owner so he just desperately wants attention all day long, I carried him around a bit when we first brought him home actually! Born April 2019.


Oh little Luna, she is just terrified of us! The smallest so far, also a Babydoll like Stella, but Luna was born this past Spring and is just a wee thing. You always know when the girls are out of hay, because Luna will just keep calling for you!



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