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Silvia is just the sweetest, she will follow you around and wants all of the attention. She is white with a brown patch at the base of her neck, born 3/30/2016.


Rupert is our older Finnsheep Ram, and his coloring is called piebald. Rupert was born 3/4/2019 and will breed Silvia and Tulip this fall/winter. Our favorite trait of his: he wags his tail when you pet him!


Stella is an adorable babydoll with a brindle color wool, I can't wait to spin this coming year. She is an experienced mamma, but we don't know her birthday.


Tulip is our eldest ewe, also a FinnSheep like Silvia. She has a very unique voice so we always know when it is her. She will also be bred to Rupert this fall/winter. Born 2/8/2013.


Our little fawn bottle ram lamb. He was bottle fed by his previous owner so he just desperately wants attention all day long, I carried him around a bit when we first brought him home actually! Born April 2019.


Oh little Luna, she is just terrified of us! The smallest so far, also a Babydoll like Stella, but Luna was born this past Spring and is just a wee thing. You always know when the girls are out of hay, because Luna will just keep calling for you!