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Eat Local.
Know Your Farmers.

Chicken Eggs

Farm raised chicken eggs available by the dozen.

$4/dozen Chicken

Chicken, Duck & Turkey

We offer whole chicken, boneless skinless breasts, quarters & wings. 

SOLD OUT 2020****

Thanksgiving Turkey pre-orders open now, we offer whole Broad-Breasted Whites ready the week of Thanksgiving.$40 deposit required

No ducks for 2020

Black Angus Beef

Our Black Angus are grass fed and corn finished for the last few weeks for a beautiful marbling throughout their beef. We have beef available by the cut.

2020 and 2021 shares are sold out. Will have cuts for sale with what is left starting end of June 2021.

Local Wildflower


We offer honey seasonally, from our Bee Hive.


We have pork cuts in stock currently, with our last restock for 2020 being in September.

We are sold out on half and whole shares for 2020.

Handcrafted Woodworking

Adam is the resident woodworker.

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