Young Living

Once you start reading ingredient
labels you can't go back

Why Young Living?

Seed To Seal, their commitment to quality products and ethically, sustainable sourcing. 

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How do I use essential oils safely?

Three different ways of use: topically, aromatically and internally.

ONLY ingest Young Living Vitality oils, as they are the only company with a designated line of oils for ingestion.

Apply them directly to the body, neat or diluted depending on the oil and the age of the recipient, and every cell in the body is touched in 20 minutes.

Aromatically in your diffuser or your own personal room spray, ditch the toxic plug in, room spray bottles, and candles and make your home smell good WHILE supporting the emotions and body systems of everyone in your home (including your pets, yes most oils are safe around cats!).

How do I know what oils to use?


When you join Young Living with me, you join my team, which means you get me! And a huge support group that is Young Living. 

I post daily on Instagram and Facebook, I send out monthly newsletters, I have lists of books you can use as resources, and we have a larger educational group for our team you will be added to as well.

No reason to be worried, I am here to help you and your family, on your terms, at your pace!

Okay, I'm in - How?

The best way to get started with essential oils, is with the Premium Starter Kit.

It comes with 12 oils, a high-quality diffuser, samples of: Thieves Household Cleaner, Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier & 2 Ningxia Red Pouches (Antioxidant superfood), and two roller ball attachments.

Want to start with their Thieves line instead to ditch and switch your toxic products? You can do that too!

Want to start with the antioxidant powerhouse that is Wolfberries, start with a NingXia Red kit instead. 

Or, lastly, ditch and switch your makeup and enhance your skin with a mineral makeup line that includes skin supporting essential oils.

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