Hey Y'all!

Adam & Lauren here...

Welcome to our little homestead!

We finally took the leap and bought a house back in April 2016 and NEVER thought this would be our path. Adam wanted a workshop (check!) and Lauren wanted enough land to bring her horse home (check)! But, here we are four years and a few hundred animals later, and we are LOVING this life we are building! With meat animals Spring - Fall, we are a full blown homestead at about 75% self-sufficiency.

October 5, 2019 we added a new human to our farm, meet Zoey Lynn! She is keeping us even busier on the farm these days, but also pushing us further to use better products, question ingredient lists and get excited about homeschooling!

Our doors are open, along with our hearts and minds (here and on our social media), so that we can educate you & your family on raising your own animals, growing your own food and using essential oils instead of common toxic options, that even we grew up with (gasp!).

We are open books, contact us with your questions or to schedule a visit!