Welcome to our farm!

AS OF NOVEMBER 2020 OUR FAMILY HOMESTEAD HAS DECIDED TO CLOSE AND WE SOLD OUR PROPERTY - maybe we will reopen in the future in a new location!

Family owned, Adam & Lauren take great pride in raising locally grown food in small batches to give them the care and attention that they deserve.

You can call ahead to order and then come pickup on site at our farm, or, come see us every Tuesday 3-6pm June 16-Oct 16th at the Bedford Farmers Market at 209 Route 101 (The Old Harvest Market Parking Lot).

Please call before coming to our farm, with a new little one who is often napping we had to change our policies a bit and can't accommodate unannounced visitors at this time. We hope you can understand.


Why chose our products

Soy-Free Chicken & Duck Eggs

Antiobiotic & Hormone Free Animals

Black and White Star in Circle

Small Batches Raised With Care


If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?

-Boonaa Mohammed